(Super Premium Summer Job 2022)(Signature Job)

Details :-

Employer Name: THE GRAND HOTEL


States: Arizona

Position: Guest Room Attendant-Laundry, F&B and Kitchen Utilities, Busseresort Worker 

Position Available: 4 Positions, Female/ Male

Hourly wage: Guest Room Attendant – Laundry – $14.45 per regular hour, 

Kitchen Utility – $14.45 per regular hour, Host – $13.40 per regular hour

Estimated hours per day: 30+ Hours Per Week

Paycheck Frequency: Paychecks paid bi-weekly

  • Recommended to bring with you $1000 to cover your expenses until you receive your first paycheck

Meals: Yes

Job description:   All students should be interviewed by The Grand Hotel manager thru Skype prior to arrival to the USA. Student to be prepared to work at any department if needed (such as Housekeeping, Kitchen or F&B)

  • Guest Room Attendant-Laundry: Students must accept one of the 4 positions as Guest Room Attendant, Laundry Attendant, Bellman and House Person. In general duties are: clean assigned guest accommodations to standards including making beds, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, amenities, removing dirty linens, cleaning outside guest rooms, in hallways and surrounding grounds. Follow instructions in the use of all chemicals and cleaning agents. Collect linens. Clean, collect trash from the hotel premises. Work in the laundry. Physically demanding; requires bending, lifting, twisting, pushing and a long period of standing. Please make sure to read separate Guest Room Attendant, Laundry Attendant, Bellman, and House Person duties and responsibility file!
  • F&B and Kitchen Utilities, Busser: Fully understand and support Xanterra Mission Statement and Core Values. Clean and sanitize all cooking and eating utensils (not including large chefs/prep/or carving knives) utilizing an automated dishwashing machine. Clean and sanitize all dishware and glassware utilizing an automated dishwashing machine. Clean and sanitize all pots/pans utilizing approved hand-washing techniques and procedures. Clean and sanitize all work areas including the pots/pans sink. Clean kitchen floors by sweeping and mopping. Take out trash and clean trash receptacles as needed throughout shift. Restock dishes and eating utensils on the buffet lines. Set tables according house standards and meal period placements. Clear finished tables in an expedient manner. Clear set tables of excess settings after guests have been seated. Clean area around assigned section throughout the seating period. Take dirty used dishes to the dish station and breakdown according to standards for the Kitchen Utility personnel to wash. Assist the Servers as needed and/or assigned by the Service Manager. Bring any guest complaint(s) or issue(s) to the immediate attention of the Service Manager or Unit Manager. When necessary notify the Host/Hostess of vacant tables ready for setting and number of settings needed. Complete opening and closing side duties to standard, and assist other Bussers and/or Servers with side duties as needed. Become familiar with dining room menus to properly answer any guest questions regarding such. Please make sure to read separate Busser, Kitchen Utility and Host duties and responsibility files!
  • Able to meet physical qualifications of the job, which include bending, twisting, lifting, pushing and long periods of standing
  • Students must be prepared for high and low hotel operations and work as many as possible hours during high peak business and expect low hours during the slow weeks!

English Required skills: Intermediate (A, B+, B, C+, C)

Start Date: May 16th – June 30th, 2022

End Date: Aug 31stSep 7th, 2022

Housing assisted by:  Employer


  • Housing rate at $0.63 per hour worked, excluding OT and any holiday pay hours
  • Meal plan is $1.58 per hour paid, excluding OT and any holiday pay hours

HOUSING COLLECTION: Collected thru payroll deductions from student’s paycheck

HOUSING DEPOSIT: N/A. Students must keep housing clean and neat, otherwise cleaning charges might apply

HOUSING FEATURES: The housing is dormitory style with 2 or 4 people per room, 2-6 people sharing 1 bathroom

All information may be changed due to reasonable reason of each placement without prior notice. All images are only for display purpose.

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