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Employer Name: THE GRAND HOTEL




Position: Resort Worker: Guest Room Attendant-Laundry; Kitchen Crew, Host

Position Available: 1-2 Positions (Full)

Hourly wage:
Housekeeper $14.45
Kitchen Crew $15.25

Host $13.40
Retail Associate $13.40

Estimated hours per day: Estimated Average Hours per Week: 30+

Number of days per week: Varies

Job Description :

  • All students should be interviewed by The Grand Hotel manager through Skype prior to arrival to the USA. Students are prepared to work at any department if needed (such as Housekeeping, Kitchen or F&B).
  • Guest Room Attendant-Laundry: In general duties are: clean assigned guest accommodations to standards including making beds, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, amenities, removing dirty linens, cleaning outside guest rooms, in hallways and surrounding grounds. Follow instructions in the use of all chemicals and cleaning agents. Collect linens. Clean, collect trash from the hotel premises. Work in the laundry. Physically demanding; requires bending, lifting, twisting, pushing and a long period of standing.
  • Please make sure to read separate information on Guest Room Attendant, Laundry Attendant, Bellman, Kitchen Utility, Busser, Host and House Person duties and responsibility.
  • Able to meet physical qualifications of the job, which include bending, twisting, lifting, pushing and long periods of standing
  • Students must be prepared for high and low hotel operations and work as many hours as possible during high peak business and expect low hours during the slow weeks!
  • Students should expect a possibility to work at the sister property, Railway Hotel in Williams, Arizona

English Required skills: Intermediate (A, B+, B, C+ only)

Start Date: March (arrive on 13,14 15, or 20, 21, 22 or 27, 28, 29 Mon-Wed only)

End Date: May 15th – June 30th, 2023

Meal Plan: Meal plan is $9.00 per person per day. The cost is $9.00 per person per day for meals plus housing rate at $0.63+ tax per person per hour worked

Getting to Work: Students stay at the house about 30 minutes away from The Grand Hotel location and employer assists with the transportation or next to site or next to the work site.

Housing Information

Housing Features:

The housing is dormitory style with 2 or 4 people per room, 2-6 people sharing 1 bathroom.

Type of housing: Dormitory

Cost Amount: The cost is $9.00 per person per day for meals plus housing rate at $0.63+ tax per person per hour worked.

Why Choose us?

  • The Grand Hotel is one of the premier Grand Canyon hotels, with the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park is just one mile away, and the South Rim of the Canyon is just a short car ride away. The Grand Hotel in Grand Canyon, Arizona was built in 1998 and resembles a sprawling, three-story chalet. All our 121 rooms are decorated in bright, Southwestern decor with large windows and plenty of amenities.
  • There’s more to the Grand Canyon than dramatic scenery, breathtaking views, and endless amounts of memorable things to see. The Grand Canyon also happens to be home to a number of fascinating things to do.

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