Delaware North at Tenaya Lodge-Fish Camp-California

Delaware North at Tenaya Lodge

(JOIN US Spring Job 2023)

Employer Name: Delaware North at Tenaya Lodge

City: Fish Camp

States: California (At Yosemite)


Position: Resort Worker

Employer is looking for students who will be happy working at Tenaya Lodge located in the beautiful but isolated world-famous Yosemite National Park as a Resort Worker. Students must be prepared to perform duties at all mentioned above departments.

  • Public Area Cleaning
    • Housekeeping
    • Dishwasher/Food Prep/Cashier

Position Available: 2 Positions (Full)

Hourly wage: $15.00/Hour

Overtime details: OT only after 40 hours of work in a workweek, not guaranteed. OT will be paid at 1.5 x hourly rate

Average of Hours: Estimated Average Hours per Week: 32. (After orientation, training & achievement of satisfactory performance)

Job Description :

  • Public Area Cleaning/Housekeeping: Cleaning and stocking hotel rooms, hallways, public areas. Make beds, clean bathrooms, dusting, amenities, removing dirty linens, cleaning outside guest rooms, in hallways and surrounding grounds. Work in the laundry. Physically demanding; requires bending, twisting, lifting and standing for extended period. Restock all amenities. Clean all wastebaskets, mirrors, shelves, doorframes, windows, window frames and baseboards. Clean with the vacuum. Spray air freshener. Report all maintenance problems, report and turn in any articles left by guests. Clean all surfaces: polish furniture, vacuuming. Operate washer/dryer, separate, wash, dry, fold and deliver sheets, pillowcases, blankets and others
  • Dishwasher/Food Service Utility Associate/Runner: Maintains the dish room and dishwashing machine, and washes and properly stores all dishes. Wet and sometimes cold environment. Responsible for stocking, serving and bussing of the food and beverage dining areas, including assisting guests with taking and expediting food orders. Prepare and plate food as needed
  • Cashier/Stocker/Food Prep: Provide exceptional guest service to general store, restaurant, or coffee shop patrons including preparing beverages, cash handling, stocking, cleaning. Prepares food required for foodservice operation and operates point of sale (POS) system. Operating kitchen utilities, records all waste, clean up the area, perform cash register transaction, perform other duties as assigned. Physically demanding
  • J1 Students must be willing to work morning, day, late evening, weekends, and holidays shifts
  • COVID-19 protocols and regulations might still be in place, not limited to quarantine, mask wearing, following the employer’s guidelines, etc.
  • You will be required to take a drug test upon your arrival. Testing positive for drugs or any illegal use or possessions of drugs or alcohol will result in employment and program termination
  • Yosemite National Park is a beautiful place located in the center of California for nature lovers, however, please do not expect a nightlife, big shopping, or big city atmosphere

English Required skills: Good – Moderate (A, B+, B, C+, C only)

Start Date: March 15 th – March 31st, 2023

End Date: June 15th – June 30th, 2023

Meals: Yes (at cost)

Housing Information

Housing assisted by: Employer

Type of housing: Motel/House

Cost Amount: $75.00+ Tax per person per week

Why Choose us?

Students must enjoy the outdoors, live, and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

  • We are in a remote location in the mountains approximately 15 minutes from the closest community with stores, etc. There is no public transportation but limited Uber drivers. The hotel provides at least one shuttle service to the closest mountain town weekly for associates and will also include regular trips into Fresno for an opportunity to be in a larger city (approx. 500,000) (if COVID restrictions permit). There is a very tiny local market next to our housing units for quick supplies
  • is an all-season resort featuring lodge rooms and cottage rooms, 50 Explorer Cabins, a rich range of recreational activities, a 10,000 square-foot luxury spa, ample meeting and event space, indoor and outdoor pools and five dining venues located on the property. It’s located just two miles from Yosemite National Park


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