Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

(Super Premium Spring Job 2022)

organization: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (Super Premium Spring Job 2022)
Scooper, Flavor Coach, and Catering
rate of pay:
 $16.32 per hour + Tips
San Francisco

Details :-

Employer Name: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Position: Scooper, Flavor Coach, and Catering

Position available: 2 Positions, Female / Male

Hourly wage: $16.32 per hour + Tips

Tips: Yes

Estimated hours per day: 5-8

Number of days per week: 4-5

Job Description:

SCOOPER: Ensure the shop maintains a clean and healthy environment for customers and staff. Responsible for creating all menu items and providing freshly baked waffle cones to the stores. They should ensure customer satisfaction by always being friendly, offering timely service, and always using proper product handling techniques. Must have a strong work ethic, a great attitude, and like working with people. Should always follow food safety procedures – proper product handling, including timely wipe downs and water changes.  Must be able to lift up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg).

FLAVOR COACH: Maintain a clean and stocked customer area as well as line management. Provide assistance to our guests by teaching them about our flavors and their ingredients, our menu items and also creating a fun line atmosphere by asking trivia questions and entertaining those waiting in line, respond to customer inquiries. Must be willing to gain knowledge of all ice cream flavors and their ingredients as well as the history and mission of Ben & Jerry’s.

CATERING: Participate on offsite scooping jobs that would require either meeting at a given location in San Francisco or drive with fellow staff to an offsite location where we set up equipment to deliver a quality experience for guests to enjoy our product.

Must be flexible and willing to work as a scooper, caterer, or flavor coach depending on the business needs as well as having to work in one of our other San Francisco scoop shops. You will be in charge of knowing your schedule and being on time to work. Schedules are made public a month in advance; all requests off after schedule is completed are the staff members’ job to find coverage with management approval. Must be familiar with American currency & basic math skills. You will be on your feet for your entire shift. Cleaning is an important piece of working here, which includes – but is not limited to – washing dishes, picking up papers, washing table tops, emptying the garbage, and maintaining an overall a clean shop. You will be responsible for completing daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklists as delegated by your Supervisor/Management. You will also be responsible for maintaining store stock levels as indicated by the checklist, and by your Supervisor/Manager. Employees must be willing to gain knowledge of all ice cream flavors and their ingredients as well as the history and mission of Ben & Jerry’s. Stores can close at 11 pm or 12 am so you may have shifts working until closing. This means you will be walking home very late at night in San Francisco.

Job prerequisites: Advanced English. Must be covid-19 vaccinated. Excellent customer service. MUST be flexible to work at any SF location as requested by management.

English required skills: Advanced (A, B+, B only)

Start date: March 7th – 18th, 2022

End date: May 20th – June 30th, 2022

Housing assisted by: Must Arrange Own

Is student required to sign a separate housing contract? No

Number of people to a room: Varies

Bedrooms: Varies

Cost Type:   Day

Comments: There are more housing options for you. Please contact your CHI Program Coordinator about more housing options.

Transportation details: Participants can walk, take the bus, etc. to get around.

Why Choose us?

Located in the heart of San Francisco, a popular tourist destination. Fun environment, friendly staff, teamwork, upselling and obtain weekly goal with incentive/bonus, gaining communication skills (honest and open communication). Company built on the foundation of positive value.

Cultural exchange activities 

Employer hosts BBQ’s and usually organizes a Community Service Project for employees to participate in together. Staff often become friends and local employees love to show Work & Travel participants around San Francisco.

All information may be changed due to reasonable reason of each placement without prior notice. All images are only for display purpose.

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