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Position: Resort Worker. Employee will be placed in a position upon arrival based on skills: Food Attendant & Cook, Retail Associate, Parking Attendant

Position Available:  1-4 Positions

Hourly wage: $12.55/Hour

Overtime details:

Average of Hours: 32 hours average for the whole program (not guaranteed) per week (After orientation, training & achievement of satisfactory performance). Some students work a lot of hours during the busy weeks, which depends on the  student’s performance and work ethic

Job Description :

  • Students to expect to be flexible on working various positions
    • Cell phone usage while working is not allowed!
    • Mt. Rushmore and the Employee Housing are no alcohol and smoking facilities
    • Students must be prepared for high and low operations and work as many as possible hours during high peak business and expect low hours during the slow weeks!
    • Students who can work the full four months of the program will have priority in hiring

Employee will be placed in one of the following upon arrival. Hourly rate depends on which position student is assigned.

Parking requires excellent English, Retail and F&B need to have experience with our currency and also operating a cash register.

Food & Beverage Attendant – Responsible for food preparation, cafeteria work, fast food operation, dish/pot machine operation and maintain sanitation standards in kitchen, dining room, and snack bar.
• Take customer orders, receives payments from customers and enters into cash register.
• Selects requested food items from serving or storage areas and assembles items on serving tray or in takeout container.
• Notifies kitchen personnel of shortages or special orders.
• Serves cold drinks, frozen milk drinks, or desserts. Makes and serves hot beverages.
• Scoop and serve ice cream.
• Cooks or apportions food or performs other minor duties to prepare food, serve customers, or maintains orderly eating or serving areas.
• Replenishes supply of clean linens, silverware, glassware, dishes in dining room, and condiment bar.
• Clears and wipes tabletops and chairs with damp cloth.
• Work in the Employee Dining Room by serving food and replenishing all food and condiment supplies as needed.
• Cleaning duties as assigned.

Retail Associate – Obtains or receives merchandise, totals bill, accepts payment, and makes change for customers in retail store by performing the following duties.
• Greets customer on sales floor and determines make, type, and quality of merchandise desired.
• Displays merchandise, suggests selections that meet customer’s needs, and emphasizes selling points of article such as quality and utility.
• Stocks shelves, counters, or tables with merchandise
• Prepares sales on register and receives payment.
• Wraps or bags merchandise for customer.
• Places new merchandise on display.
• Takes inventory of stock.
• Requisitions merchandise from stockroom.
• Cleans work area and store floor as needed and/or directed.
• Answers customer’s questions concerning location, price, and use of merchandise.

Parking Attendant – Obtains or receives payment, totals bill, accepts payment, and makes change for visitors at Parking Structure and directs traffic by performing the following duties:
• Count “cash bank” at beginning of shift to ensure starting total is correct.
• Collect cash, credit card and or validation payments and maintain security of items collected.
• Operate cash register and make change and issues receipts for each transaction.
• Maintain cleanliness of all parking lot grounds and perform housekeeping duties as assigned.
• Properly assemble funds deposit at end of shift and deposit in drop safe.
• Assist guests at Pay on Foot stations.
• Act as first contact with guests as they arrive to the Memorial.
• Direct traffic within the parking facility.
• Act as a crossing guard at the pedestrian walkway between the parking facility and the memorial.

English Required skills: Intermediate – Fluent (A, B+, B, C+  only)

Start Date: May 7th – June 30th, 2023

End Date: August 30th – September 7th, 2023

Housing Information

Housing assisted by: Employer

Cost Amount: $34.00 + tax per week per person. Meal plan optional at $5.00+ tax per meal per person

Cultural exchange activities:

There is more than gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Above dense forests and pristine streams, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial represents a national treasure
• Symbolizing the ideals of freedom and democracy, it is a tribute to four
presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln and their invaluable contributions to the United States. Mount Rushmore National Memorial represents not only the past, but also a promise for the future. It is a place surrounded by American history, where the names of Gutzon Borglum and Crazy Horse are still heard; where the buffalo once again run free in Custer State Park and the vision of the Keystone miners still cast a dim shadow on long deserted claims


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