Wall Drug Store-Wall-South Dakota

Wall Drug Store

(Super Premium Summer Job 2023)

Employer Name: Wall Drug Store

City: Wall

States: South Dakota

Reference Video: 


Position: Wall Drug Associate. Employee will be placed in a position upon arrival based on skills: Food Prep and Cafeteria Worker, Retail Sales Clerk, Cleaner and Maintenance Crew

  • Skype interview with employer required

Position Available: 1-2 Positions

Hourly wage: $14.00 per regular hour.

Overtime details: Overtime rate is 21.00 per hour

Average of Hours: 32 – 40 average hours per week (After orientation, training & achievement of satisfactory performance)

Job Description :

  • Food Prep and Cafeteria Worker: include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
    – Requests customer order and depresses keys of multi counting machines to simultaneously record order and compute bills
    – Selects requested food items from serving or storage areas and assembles items on serving tray or in takeout bag.
    – Notifies kitchen personnel of shortages or special orders.
    – Serves cold drinks, frozen milk drinks, or desserts.
    – Makes and serves hot beverages.
    – Presses lids onto beverages and places beverages on serving tray or in takeout container.
    – Makes donuts, pies, cinnamon rolls and other pastries.
    – Makes fudge, specialty drinks and pizza.
    – Receives payment; counts change back to customers.
    – Scoops ice cream, makes sodas, shakes, malts, etc. for customers.
    – Meet and greet customers; answer any questions.
    – Prepares coffee and creamer for customers; restocks condiments, napkins and other supplies.
    – Busses tables.
    – Offer menus to customers.
    – Cooks or apportions french fries or performs other minor duties to prepare food, serve customers, or maintain orderly eating or serving areas.
  • Retail Sales Clerk: include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
    – Stocks shelves, counters, or tables with merchandise.
    – Sets up advertising displays or arranges merchandise on counters or tables to promote sales.
    – Stamps, marks, or tags price on merchandise.Obtains merchandise requested by customer or receives merchandise selected by customer.
    – Answers customer’s questions concerning location, price, and use of merchandise.
    – Totals price and tax on merchandise purchased by customer to determine bill.
    – Accepts payment and makes change; counts change back to customers.
    – Wraps or bags merchandise for customers.
    – Cleans shelves, counters, or tables.
    – Meet and greet customers; answer any questions.
    – Monitor customers to assist in preventing theft.
  • Cleaner and Maintenance Crew: include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
    – Cleans fixtures, surfaces, and trim.
    – Cleans shops, hallways, dining rooms, kitchens, rest rooms, stairways, and other work areas.
    – Sweeps, scrubs, and oils floor.
    – Washes windows
    – Empties wastebaskets and empties and cleans outdoor ashtrays.
    – Transports trash and waste to disposal area.
    – Replenishes bathroom supplies.
    – Assist in the restaurant as needed during busy times.
    – Replaces light bulbs.
    – Shovels snow.
    – Transports merchandise and supplies between departments.
    – Unloads trucks and checks for accuracy on packing slips at the time of delivery.
    – Take mail to the post office.
    – Answer customer questions.
  • Students must be prepared for high and low occupancy and work as many as possible hours during high peak business and expect low hours during the slow weeks of business operation!
  • Students to be prepared to work and live in an isolated place
  • Students who can work the full four months of the program will have priority in hiring

English Required skills: Intermediate – Advanced (A, B+, B, C+ only)

Start Date: May 7th – June 30th, 2023

End Date: September 4th – September 7th, 2023

Meal Discount: No. Employee pricing

Housing Information

Housing assisted by: Employer

Cost Amount: The dorm rate is $60 weekly + tax per student taken out of their paychecks

Cultural exchange activities:

It’s hard to miss the 80-foot dinosaur as you close upon Wall Drug. Located near the northern “wall” of the South Dakota Badlands, Wall, South Dakota is a small American town with a huge personality. Once known as the “geographical center of nowhere,” Wall has become a hub for tourism and is often referred to as the “Window to the West,” “Gateway to the Badlands”, or the “Heart of American Tourism”. Reputed for its small-town charm and welcoming community atmosphere, Wall, South Dakota hosts millions of travelers every summer, with as many as 20,000 visitors a day during the peak tourist season. The town’s population grows exponentially during the summer months, with a diverse group of residents from around the world occupying the area and transforming Wall from a quiet, close-knit community to a buzzing tourist hot spot. South Dakota’s most popular tourist sites in the Black Hills, including Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, historic Downtown Deadwood, and the Badlands National Park, are a short commute outside the city of Wall

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