Lost Island Parks – Waterloo – Iowa

Lost Island Parks

(Premium Summer Job 2023)

Employer Name: Lost Island Parks

City: Waterloo

States: Iowa

Reference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N9_Nv7wWr4


Position: Food and Beverage, Cashier

Position Available: 3 positions (Male 1 position, Female 2 positions)

Hourly wage: $13.00/hr.

Wage comments:

Overtime: Slight

Overtime details: There is a slight chance of getting overtime hours. All overtime hours MUST be approved by management before working them.

Tips: No

Bonus: Yes

Bonus Comment: Bonus available of up to $1.50/hour worked. Will be paid on your last check. Bonus based on work performance, attitude, team player, and staying until your scheduled end date.

Estimated hours per day: 6-8

Number of days per week: 5-6

Job prerequisites:
You must be able to read cooking instructions. Work in a fast-paced kitchen and multitask.

Job Description:
Food Prep – prepare food items for cooking. Will assist in getting items prepared for the guests. You will work with the stove, fryers, etc. Clean, wash, and stock restaurant supplies and equipment while maintaining a clean work area. Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment, follow directions and read safety manual. Must be able to lift heavy items, bend, stoop, and reach items on high shelves. Dishwasher – wash pots and pans, glasses, dishes, and cutlery by hand in very hot water, and then stack clean items in the appropriate area. Will also be removing trash and helping keep the kitchen area clean. This includes cleaning, sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, cleaning the equipment (may include fryers, griddles, mixers, or ovens), and cleaning counters and work surfaces. If you work as a Cashier, you will be assisting customers with their food purchases. Must have knowledge of American currency and the ability to handle credit card transactions. You will also help clear tables (trays, trash items) and sanitize the tables and chairs, empty garbage cans as needed, and help with the general appearance of the cafe (drinks are restocked, refill napkins), floors, etc. It will include additional tasks as required by management. There are strict safety requirements you will need to follow regarding the use of personal protective equipment for chemical hazards, proper safety attire, and following all other company safety requirements. Must have a strong work ethic, great attitude, and like working with people. Must be able to stand for your entire shift and be able to lift up to 50lb/23kg. Must be dependable, hard-working, friendly, and a very trustworthy and honest individual. Must be flexible to work all shifts including weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), nights, and all holidays, as business needs dictate. You may not work the same shifts as your friends nor will you have the same days off as your friends.

You will pay upon arrival an administrative fee of $135.00. This will cover transportation from the Waterloo airport or bus station to your housing. Also, a meal for you on the day you arrive; as well as 2 extra work shirts.A weekly transportation fee of $30.00 (to and from work) will be deducted from your payroll bi-weekly in the amount of $60 (covering 2 weeks of transportation).

English Required skills: Advance (A, B+, B)

Start Date: May 10th  – June 20th, 2023

End Date: August 21st – September 4th, 2023

Meals: Yes

Meals details: One free meal for every 6 hours worked.

Housing Information

Housing assisted by: Employer

Cost Type: Month

Cost Amount: $300.00 per month per person

Why choose us?

New Theme Park and Waterpark located in Eastern Iowa. A busy mid-size city with a large university. Close to a casino, baseball, hiking trails, lively downtown with restaurants, clubs, and more.

Cultural exchange activities

Bonfire, Island Night, Farewell Staff Events; Iowa Irish Fest

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