Ghirardelli Chocolate-Anaheim-California

Ghirardelli Chocolate
(Super Premium Summer Job 2023)

Employer Name: Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Anaheim

City: Anaheim

States: California

Reference Video:


Position: Chocolatier – Anaheim

Position Available: 2 positions

Hourly wage: $16.00/Hour

Wage comments:

Overtime: Slight

Overtime details: Must be approved by management first

Tips: No

Bonus: No

Bonus Comment:

Estimated hours per day: 6-8

Number of days per week: 4-6


Job prerequisites :

Proficient English is required. Must be able to easily converse with customers in the store and like working with the public. Excellent customer service is required at all times.

Job Description :

MUST be friendly, have a great attitude, and have excellent customer service skills. Must be able and willing to perform ALL duties, including standing for up to 8 hours, scooping ice cream, preparing food and drinks, greeting, cashier, cleaning, taking out trash several times daily, mopping the floor, bussing tables, pre-packing chocolate, stocking merchandise, lifting heavy cases 10-30lbs/4-13kg and unloading trucks.

CHOCOLATIER-STOCKER: Pre-packing chocolate, stocking merchandise, cleaning projects, lifting heavy cases (fem: 10-35lbs/4- 15kg, males: 50-75lbs/22-34kg) and unloading trucks 3 times a week.

RETAIL SALES/GREETER: Great communication/customer service skills and a strong knowledge of chocolate merchandise.

FOUNTAIN/BUSSERS: Preparing ice cream sundaes, and coffee drinks, cleaning projects, taking out the trash, mopping floors, and bussing tables.

CASHIERS: Great customer service skills; American currency. Employer will assign duties as needed. Must have a strong knowledge of chocolate merchandise and knowledge & handling of US Currency. Must pass a drug test. Please note that 80% of the time you will be working a shift that includes working until closing and working on weekends. You have to be flexible to work the shifts scheduled by Ghirardelli.

You may not have the same shifts as your friends, nor will you have the same days off as your friends. You will be expected to work all weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) as well as all holidays.

For housing purposes, it is best if you arrive within a day or two of the student(s). Please inform US Sponsor before buying airline tickets to ensure you won’t have to cover housing costs alone.

This Ghirardelli store is located inside Disney California Adventure Park in the Pacific Wharf area. You must adhere to Disney’s rules and regulations. It is important you conduct yourself accordingly. Disney values must be followed. Your employer will cover all the rules and regulations at Orientation.

English Required skills: Proficient (A, B+, B only)

Start Date: May 15th – June 20th, 2023

End Date: August 25th – September 7th, 2023

Meals: No

Meals details:

Housing Information

Housing assisted by: Must Arrange Own


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