Continental Pools – Maryland

Continental Pools

(Lifeguard Summer 2023)

Employer Name: Continental Pools

States: Maryland

Reference Video:    


Position: Lifeguard

Position Available: 1-5 positions

Hourly wage: $13.25

Wage comments:

Overtime: No

Overtime details:

Tips: No

Bonus: No

Bonus Comment:

Estimated hours per week: 40-45

Job prerequisites: Lifeguards must be in uniform at all times. Cell phones are prohibited while on duty. You must be able to work outside in all weather conditions. Must be able to handle daily exposure to the sun and heat. It is recommended that you use sunglasses, sun hats, summer footwear, sunscreen. You will need to walk or ride a bike to work each day. Pools are open for part time hours during the first 2-3 weeks of the summer and possibly one or more weeks at the end of the season. Pools may be closed due to inclement weather or mechanical issues with limited notice. You may work at more than 1 pool location each week.

Job Description: Monitor the safety and well-being of all guests in and around the pool area. Provide assistance and care when needed as taught during the lifeguard training course. Maintain a clean pool and pool area (including bathrooms). Safely handle pool cleaning chemicals (liquid chlorine) and pool equipment. Test and determine chlorine and pH value in water. Greet and communicate with pool guests, check pool passes. Enforce all pool rules and safety guidelines.

Lifeguard position requires strong swimming skills, observational skills and an excellent level of concentration. Strong communication skills are preferred. Must be able to swim at least 100 yards without stopping using freestyle and breaststroke, retrieve a 10-pound-brick from a minimum depth of 8 feet and tread water for 1 minute without using arms. You will be tested regularly on the skills learned during your training throughout the summer.

English Required skills: Advance (A, B+, B)

Start Date: May 7th  – June 15th, 2023

End Date: September 1st – September 7th, 2023

Meals: No

Meals details:

Housing Information

Housing assisted by: Employer

Cost Type: Week

Cost Amount: $150 per week per person

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