Snowie (Summer Job 2021)

Organization: Snowie (Summer Job 2021)

Position: Cashier, Salesperson

Rate of pay: $9.00

City: Myrtle Beach

State: South Carolina




Employer Name: Snowie of Myrtle Beach, Inc

Position: Cashier, Salesperson

Position available: 5-10

Hourly wage: $9.00 per hour

Tips: Yes

Overtime details: Slight

Estimated hours per day: 6-8

Number of days per week: 5-6

Type of housing: Apartment

Estimated cost of housing: $100 per week

Number of people to a room: 4

Additional housing features: Housing is furnished with bunk beds, kitchen supplies.

Transportation details:  Housing and work at Broadway at the Beach are just over one mile apart. You can walk or ride a bicycle.

Job description: Job duties include, but are not limited to: Preparing drinks for the customers, such as fresh squeezed lemonade, smoothies. Preparing popcorn and cotton-candy of different flavors. You will have a cashier and waterwheels role, as well. You will be handling all the transactions and at the end of the day you have to take care of the cash-out process. Must speak and read English on an advanced level. Be ready to lift 20-30 lbs. You need to be outgoing, cheerful and friendly to do well at this job.

English required skills: Advanced

Start date: May 15th – May 31th, 2021

End date: September 1st – September 7th, 2021

Job Prerequisites: Must be able to stand, bend, long hours in the extreme heat of summer. Cannot have any health issues which will interfere with your job performance. No exceptions.

Why Choose us ? 

We are a business expanding a lot in recent years. We are helping tourists have a better experience at Broadway at the Beach, by offering fresh squeezed lemonades, smoothies together with a large variety of popcorn and cotton candy flavors.


Cultural exchange activities 

Myrtle Beach has many international Work and Travel participants during the spring and summer months. There are many cultural activities throughout the seasons, especially at Broadway at the beach.


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