Polo Club

Polo Club

 (Super Premium Summer Job 2022)


Employer Name: Polo Club 

City: Boca Raton

States: Florida

Position: Admin

Position Available: 1 Position

Hourly wage: $10.00 per hour 

Overtime:  Yes

Overtime details:  Overtime is possible, but not guaranteed. Overtime will be paid at 1.5   

Meals: Yes

Meals Detail: You will receive complimentary meals

Estimated hours per day: 32 hours per week minimum

Number of days per week: Varies

Job description:  

Updates and maintains the Board of Governors app “The Box”, the app is designed to archive, maintain, and access Board related documentation. Create and maintain an organized filing system both paper and electronic. Attends meetings and captures, types, and distributes minutes for all meetings attended. Performs a variety of administrative related tasks in a timely manner to ensure the office functions properly. Supports several committees with clerical responsibilities. Assists with mass mailings for correspondence as needed. Maintains office supplies and orders items as needed. Calls in repairs to equipment, lights, and other electrical items as needed. Answers members’ and guests’ questions and/or directs them to the appropriate party. Communicates with members, co-workers, management, and the general public in a courteous and professional manner. Conforms with and abides by all regulations, policies, work procedures, and instructions. Exhibits and maintains a professional demeanor to reflect a positive image of The Polo Club. Performs other duties as assigned by the Administrative Assistant to the Board of Governors.

Job prerequisites: 

Must present a professional demeanor, be detailed oriented and have excellent organizational skills. Must have outstanding customer service skills. Must be proficient and have excellent computer skills. Must have prominent administrative and clerical skills. Ability to analyze, interpret data, and prepare reports. Ability to communicate well verbally and in writing, understand, and carry out verbal and written instructions. Ability to interact professionally and maintain effective working relationships with management, co-workers and members. Must be able to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment.

English Required skills: Advance (A, B+, B)

Start Date: May.7th – 15th, 2022

End Date: Aug.31st – Sep.7th, 2022

Housing assisted by: Employer

Is student required to sign a separate housing contract? Yes

If so, contract details:  In job offer

Type of housing: Apartment

Number of people to a room:  2

Bedrooms: 1

Bath: 1

Cost Type:  Week

Cost Amount:   $0.00

Is housing deposit required?  Yes

Deposit amount:  $150

Housing deposit due date:  On arrival

Is housing deposit refundable?  Yes

Conditions for deposit refund:  As long as the property is clean and damage-free, you will receive your deposit back.

Transportation details:  Employer will provide transportation to and from work for you

All information may be changed due to reasonable reason of each placement without prior notice. All images are only for display purpose.

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