Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

(Super Premium Spring Job 2022)

Organization: Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville (Super Premium Spring Job 2022)

Position:  Server

Rate of pay: $6.98 per hour + Tips

City: Key West

States: Florida

Details :-

Employer Name: Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

Position: Server

Position Available: 1 Position, Female/ Male

Hourly wage: $6.98 per hour

Tips: Only for Server and Busser position

Overtime details: Overtime is possible, but it is not guaranteed.

Estimated hours per day: 32 Hours Per Week Minimum

Number of days per week: Varies

Meals details:  Meals are not provided, but you do receive a 40% discount.

Job description:  Responsible for excellence in guest satisfaction; serves food and/or beverages to the guests according to established standards and keeps dining area clean at all times by performing the following duties: Possesses full knowledge of food and beverage products served and utilizes suggestive selling techniques, takes orders and delivers food and beverage in a  timely manner, ensures guests receive immediate, friendly, and personalized service to build their intent to return, guides guests through menus, answers questions thoroughly, and provides specific item suggestions and information about the establishment. Maintains positive guest satisfaction by exceeding service expectations, handles guest complaints or directs them to a manager, operates point-of-sale system with high level of efficiency, and handles large amounts of currency. Practices proper cash handling procedures by addressing the point-of-sale system after every transaction, properly organizing money, counting change back to guests, and following appropriate checkout procedures. Sets up and breaks down equipment and supplies. Maintains work areas by organizing and cleaning service stations and pre-bussing tables as needed of all used glassware/plate ware/silverware/etc. Writes down all orders and inputs them into the point-of-sale system accurately. Scrapes, racks, and stacks glassware/plate are/silverware properly in dishwashing area. Acts as a final check on the quality of food and beverage items before they are served to guests and ensures appropriate garnishes and condiments are on plates. Assists management in training new Staff Members within their department when applicable. Completes all opening, running, and closing duties as assigned.

Delivers and/or carries (with or without trays) food and beverage items, for own and others’ tables, with a sense of urgency; knows all table numbers and floor plans. When necessary, will occasionally assist host person with greeting and seating guests. Adheres to responsible alcohol service established by company policy. Understands and utilizes all safety and sanitation practices as defined in the safety program and reports any accidents to management. Performs other duties and tasks as assigned or determined by management or supervisors and moves with a sense of urgency. Adheres to all company policies and procedures as established in the Staff Member Handbook.

Job prerequisites: 

  1. Advanced English
  2. Participants must be outgoing and willing to clean and remove rubbish
  3. Students must be comfortable in an urban/city environment
  4. Students must arrange their own housing
  5. Participants desiring positions in Miami, should be independent, self-reliant, and open- minded
  6. Basic math skills; must be familiar with U.S. currency prior to arriving
  7. Students will be required to work on peak business days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

English Required skills: Advance (A, B+, B)

Start Date: March 7th – May 1st, 2022

End Date: July 1st7th, 2022

Housing assisted by:  Must Arrange Own

Is student required to sign a separate housing contract? Yes

If so, contract details: Lease

Type of housing: Apartment

Number of people to a room: 2-4

Bedrooms: 2-4

Bath: 1-2

Cost Type:  Week

Cost Amount:   $125.00 – $ 150 per person per week

Cost Details: $125-$150 per week depending on what option you choose

Is housing cost deducted from paycheck? No

Is housing deposit required? Yes

Deposit amount: $457-$550

Housing deposit due date: On arrival

Instructions for deposit payment: The deposit amount will depend on the option you find.

 Is housing deposit refundable? Yes

Conditions for deposit refund: Depending on the option, deposit may or may not be refundable.

Transportation details:  Walking

Why choose us?

IMCMV is the leading and most recognizable “escapism lifestyle” brand in the United States. Established more than 30 years ago, this authentic tropical concept has been successfully extended into restaurants, retail, consumer goods, hotels, casino, and radio. Inspired by the lyrics and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett, whose evocative songs inspire a cross generational yearning for an island adventure, Margaritaville transports its guest to an island state of mind, regardless of their current latitude or cultural reference point. People from all over the world visit Margaritaville every day in search of a distinctive dining, entertainment, and shopping destination. This Experience is what separates us from other concepts and keep our guests returning time after time. We are also committed to providing you a safe, enjoyable, and fun working environment.

Cultural exchange activities :

Being located in the beautiful city of Miami, there is so much to do and see. Beaches, shopping, Port of Miami, nightlife, sports, and so much more, this tourist town gives you so many cultural opportunities.

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