Extreme Pizza – Restaurant Worker (Premium Spring Job 2021)

Organization: Extreme Pizza (Premium Spring Job 2021)

Position: Restaurant Worker

Rate of pay: $8.50

City: Myrtle Beach

State: South Carolina



Employer Name: Extreme Myrtle Beach, LLC

Position: Restaurant Worker

Position available:

Hourly wage: $8.50 per hour

Tips: Depends on position

Estimated hours per day: 7

Number of days per week: 5

Meal details: 60% off your meal on a working day

Type of housing: Motel

Estimated cost of housing: $348 per week ($87 each, if 4 people)

Transportation details:  Must arrange own transportation to and from work. Restaurant is located about 1.7 miles (2.4 km) from the motel. There is a local bus stop nearby which goes to and from Broadway (and other locations) but this bus does not operate in the evening (stops around (8:30 to 9:30pm). Walking is about 50 minutes. Most students ride a bicycle, which is about 20 minutes.

Additional housing features: The motel is a fully operational motel across the road from the beach. Furnished with full kitchen, 2 double beds and 1 bathroom. Free WiFi, local cable T.V., local phone use, coin-operated laundry, swimming pool, balcony.

Job Description:  You will be moved around into various areas within the restaurant. You will be paid according to the position you will be working that day. Duties include but are not limited to: learning menu, preparing food (cutting veggies, cooking/preparing pizzas, sandwiches, other menu items), washing dishes, fryer station, cleaning, monitoring the open dining sections of the restaurant for empty and cleaned tables, cleaning tables, seating customers, answering the phone. Must be ready for standing for long shifts. MUST HAVE AT LEAST UPPER INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH LEVEL FOR THE BACK OF THE HOUSE RESTAURANT WORKERS AND ADVANCED FOR THE OTHERS.

English required skills: Upper Intermediate – Advanced

Start date: March 7th – March 20th, 2021

End date: June 1st – June 15th, 2021


Why choose us?

Our dedication to quality comes from a strict policy to use only the freshest ingredients, the tastiest combinations of toppings, and a mouth-watering store-baked crust. As for the innovation side of things, well that’s easy. Think about it. What does an office full of freethinking, pizza connoisseur daredevils get you? It gets you mandarin oranges, Canadian bacon, pineapples, mozzarella, and cheddar (Paia Pie). It gets you black beans, grilled chicken, olives, onions, cilantro, and cheddar (Baja 1000). And for the politically savvy pizza-eaters, it gets you homemade hummus in place of tomato sauce, tomatoes, olives, feta, fresh basil, pepperoncinis, and mozzarella (Peace in the Middle East). This is the sort of pizza invented by people who sail from kites, who snowboarded before there were snowboards, and who learned to always color outside the lines. At Extreme Pizza, we’re always experimenting with new ways to test the palette, to push the pizza experience to a higher level. And because we’ve received such raving support from our customers and food critics, we have made the sky our limit as to what we can create on our canvas crust. Whether you eat at Extreme, have a piping hot pie delivered to your doorstep, or try one of our “take-n-bake” pizzas that you cook at home, you’ll need to gear up for an eating adventure. Are you ready to get extreme?

Cultural exchange activities

Myrtle Beach has many international Work and Travel participants during the spring months. There are many cultural activities throughout the seasons. We are organizing barbecues and sports activities for our employees.



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