Copley LaReine Motel Early June Arrival  (Premium Summer Job 2021)

Organization: Copley LaReine Motel Early May Arrival (Premium Summer Job 2021)


Position: Housekeeper

Rate of pay: $12.50


State: Maine



Employer Name: Samco Inc

Position: Housekeeper

Position available:  1  Female

Hourly wage: $12.50 per hour

Tips: Possible

Bonus: Yes Bonus of $0.25*every hour worked in season is possible. Depends on students work performance.


Overtime details: Any hours per week beyond 40 hours will be paid at time and a half

Estimated hours per day: 5-6

Number of days per week: 6-7

Housing assisted by: Employer  

Type of housing: House

Estimated cost of housing: FREE Housing

Number of people to a room: 6-7

Additional housing features: The apartment is the size of a 3 bedroom apartment, the owners took the walls down in order to make more space. There is access to the kitchen and bathroom. The Internet is provided with a cost of $100 for the whole summer.


Transportation details:  The housing is on the working site. There is no distance.

Job description: As a housekeeper, participants are responsible for cleaning (washing, dusting and vacuuming, tidying) guest rooms and property common areas thoroughly as trained and assigned by the employer. Job duties include picking up after a guest, preparing fresh linens (doing laundry), making beds, dusting furniture and fixtures, washing floors, vacuuming carpeted areas, emptying trash cans, cleaning windows (usually less frequently), cleaning the bathroom and toilet and keeping the guest rooms stocked with accessories and the bathrooms stocked with supplies. Housekeepers will be using cleaning chemicals. Participants should expect to be scheduled 6 -7 days per week for the mid-morning to the afternoon when the last rooms have been cleaned. ( 32 hours) per week. Some weeks 40 hrs. The full week that the student does not work 32 hours, the student will be reimbursed for the difference upon successful completion of the work agreement. ( not due to a student taking time off).

English required skills: Upper Intermediate

Start date: May 10th  – May 15th 2021

End date: Sep 7th, 2021

Job Prerequisites: Positive and friendly attitude


Why Choose us ?

    Copley LaReine Motel is located at the center of Old Orchard Beach, the seasonal town sitting on 7 miles sandy beach, 70 miles from Boston, ME and 12 miles from Portland, MA.

Cultural exchange activities 

Group activities planned such as trips to Boston and Portland. Old Orchard Beach has a lot of to offer in the summertime. There are organized summer events at no cost.

All information may be changed due to reasonable reason for each placement without prior notice.


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