Comfort Suites and Key West Cottages

Comfort Suites and Key West Cottages 

(Premium Summer Job 2022) (Selected)

Organization: Comfort Suites and Key West Cottages (Premium Summer Job 2022) (Selected)

Position: Housekeeping

Rate of pay: $11.00 per hour 

City:  Chincoteague Island 

States: Virginia

Details :-

Employer Name: Comfort Suites and Key West Cottages 

Position: Housekeeping

Position Available: 5 Positions (Female only)

Hourly wage: $11.00 per hour 

Estimated hours per week: 32-40+

Job description

Housekeeping and Public Area Attendant: will require all employees to be responsible for the cleaning of guest rooms and bathrooms, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, vacuuming, changing sheets and making beds, common hallways, public restrooms and offices to the Hilton set of standards. Laundry will consist of folding and sorting linens, with the Hilton set of standards. See more information in the Arrivals Guide.

ALL positions: Require students to have outstanding personal hygiene. Hair must be natural color, clean, neatly combed, conservative hairstyle. You must be friendly and very outgoing, with a good work ethic. This is a fast-paced environment. You will be responsible for the above listed items and your duties will change daily depending on the needs of your manager.

Employment Conditions: Advanced English and always smile! Clean-cut family friendly image required. No visible tattoos or face piercings, no long hair (on men), Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds.

English Required skills: Upper Intermediate (A, B+, B, C+)

Start Date: May 7th   – 31st, 2022 

End Date: Sep.1st – 7st, 2022

Estimated cost of housing: $ Must arrange own 

Housing & Transportation: 

Employer housing 

Housing Fee:  $125 per week per person 

Transportation: Walking distance

All information may be changed due to reasonable reason of each placement without prior notice. All images are only for display purpose.

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