Canyons Collection – Spring 2020


organization :  Canyons Collection (Premium Spring Job 2020)
position :
Front Desk, Housekeeper
rate of pay : 10.00
city :
states :



detail :
ตำแหน่งงานใน  Canyons Collection ใน Kanab รัฐ  Utah

Rate : 10.00
Position : Front Desk 2 (Female Only), Housekeeper 2 (Male Only)
The Canyons Collection is located in the middle of three of the most beautiful national parks. Outdoor, western and the true Americana can be found everywhere. This is the ideal location for anyone hoping to experience the American West. Work family environment.



Position: Front Desk, Housekeeper
Position Available: 2-3 Male & Female 
Hourly wage: $10.00 per hour
Estimated hours per day: 7-8
Number of days per week: 4-5
Meals details: Discounted meal while working on shift.



Job prerequisites:  Advanced English. 

Job Description:  You may be moved around to these different positions: housekeeping, laundry, front desk,server, restaurant bussers & dishwashers, hospitality. Housekeeping: clean rooms, including bathrooms, toilets and showers, change linens, do laundry, dust, vacuum and empty trash,etc. Front Desk: Will greet guests, handle reservations on computer and on the phone,handle American currency and credit card transactions. Servers: take orders, serve guests food and drinks, maintain excellent customer service throughout the meal (check drinks,clear plates), lift heavy trays and full containers of dirty dishes, carry to kitchen, stock waitress station. Dishwasher: wash pots and pans by hand in very hot water and use dishwashing machine for glasses and cutlery. Must keep kitchen clean at all times. Hospitality background preferred. Your employer will assess your skills and place you in a position that would best fit your skills. You must be flexible about what position you are working at. Must be friendly,like working with the public, approachable and always smiling and helpful to all guests in the hotel. Must be dependable, hard working, friendly and be a very trustworthy and honest individual. Students should get an average of 40 hrs a week working at the hotel and restaurant, but are only guaranteed no less than 32 hrs per week.  




Required skills: Advanced
Start Date: April 1st to April 29th, 2020
End Date: June 30th  to July 7th , 2020
Housing Description: $50 per person per month



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098-969-9963, 088-159-6569
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