Adventureland Inn – Summer 2020


organization : Adventureland Inn (Summer Job 2020)
rate of pay : 9.50
city :
states :


detail : 

ตำแหน่งงานใน Adventureland Inn เมือง Altoona รัฐ Iowa


Front Desk/9.50 per hour/  2 Position (Female and Male)

Housekeeping, Room Attendant/9.50  per hour/ 4 Position (Female and Male)

Food Concession/8.50 per hour/  5 Position (Female and Male)

Grounds keeping Team Member/8.50 per hour/  2 Position (Female and Male)

Retail Team Member/8.50 per hour/  3 Position (Female and Male)


Bonus: Yes, Up to $1.00 per hour worked at management’s discretion. To be eligible for the bonus it is based on hours worked, attitude, work performance, being a team player. Must have no more than 1 no call/no show, no more than 3 communicated absences to your department head, no written discipline documents, and no issues at housing. You also must work until your contracted end date on your Job Offer.

Estimated hours per day: 6-8

Number of days per week: 4-6

Overtime details: There is slight chance overtime may be available. Any overtime must be pre-approved by your employer


Job prerequisites: Adv. to fluent English. You MUST be able to converse easily in English to work in this very busy front desk position at Adventureland. Prior Front Desk experience is helpful.

Job Description: Advanced to fluent English. Advanced computer skills needed. Will greet guests, handle phones, reservations, checking guests in and out. Knowledge of American currency & credit card transactions. Must handle guest complaints with understanding & compassion, in a friendly & helpful way. Must be very customer service oriented. General knowledge of hotel including amenities and being able to assist with guest needs regarding the hotel, amusement park, campground, and surrounding area as far as local businesses, all in a courteous and friendly manner. Top priority is customer service – you must make guests feel welcome and ensure their needs are met. Attention to detail and strong communication, organizational and interpersonal skills are very important. Also strong mathematical skills are needed for the payment processing and bookkeeping responsibilities. You may be crosstrained in other areas to assist with if needed. You will be standing for most of the shift. The position is for a minimum of 32 hrs per week. During very busy weeks you will be required to work 40 hrs per week (approx. May 25 through August 23). Most positions require little or no experience. All positions involve being on your feet and remaining active while interacting with our guests. Positions are indoors, semi-outdoors or completely outdoors. Most indoor positions are not air-conditioned. You must be able to tolerate the heat and humidity of the Iowa summer. No matter what the weather conditions, all positions are vital to developing the fun culture our guests have come to expect here when visiting Adventureland Park.


Required skills: Advanced

Start Date: May 14th to June 15th, 2020

End Date: Aug 24th – Sep 5th, 2020

Housing Description: Motel

Housing Cost: $95 per person per week.

Number of people to a room: 3

Method of transportation from housing to work site: Employer Provides.

Meals: Food is discounted for employees.



Employee perks (free admission to amusement park), close to Des Moines area, employee appreciation days, Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino. We work as a team and respect and appreciate our workers.

Cultural exchange activities

The employer and your Program Coordinator will help plan many fun events during the summer: baseball games, movie night at local theater, activities in the park, etc. You can also visit Des Moines and enjoy the great restaurants, visit numerous museums, tour Iowa State Capitol, participate in festivals or the Iowa State Fair, plus much more. Also cities located within a 4 hour drive include: Omaha, Nebraska (Omaha Zoo), Bloomington, Minnesota (Mall of America). and Chicago, Illinois.


For more information, please contact I Happy Hotline : 097-936-9942,
098-969-9963, 088-159-6569
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